Marguerite Carmel Mills

Adventures in Life & Maps



Marguerite Mills is a cartographer, web designer, and programmer. Born and raised in the Twin Cities, she is interested in applying GIS to the issues of the community where she grew up. An advocate of the digital humanities, Marguerite is using the power of maps and narrative to advocate for social justice.

Marguerite is a current graduate student in the University of Minnesota's Geographic Information Science Master's Program with an emphasis in sociology. Her work focuses on research that addresses issues faced by marginalized communities. She is interested in using the power of spatial analysis, place-based narratives, and digital media rich platforms to bring underrepresented stories to light. A member of the Mapping Prejudice project, she has been practicing this community focused approach to GIS research since 2018. 


When she isn't making maps, Marguerite is traveling the world, exploring strange places, practicing yoga, and pole dancing. 





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Marguerite Carmel Mills   2019

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