Marguerite Carmel Mills



Marguerite Mills is a geographer and artist. She holds a bachelor's in Developmental Psychology and a master's in Geographic Information Science with a minor in Sociology from the University of Minnesota. She is also and incoming PhD student in the UMN Geography program. 


Mills' research takes a deep mapping approach, focusing on the intersection of private property and housing as a critical juncture for interrogating structural oppression and material inequality.An award-winning cartographer, Mills uses the power of spatial analysis, place-based narratives, and media rich platforms to bring underrepresented stories to light. In addition to cartographic work, she is a skilled theorist and writer in the area of property, housing, and inequality. For a sampling of her work, see the project section.  A member of the Mapping Prejudice project, she has been practicing this community focused approach to GIS research since 2018. 


When she isn't making maps, Mills is a housing activist advocating for the rights of unhoused neighbors in the Twin Cities. She can also be found exploring wild and underground places, drawing, painting, or pole dancing. 





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